24 Oct 2013

Roger & Sons

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When I was given full-time employment at Jena Communications, I was put in charge of SEO for the company. My main area of work/client was Roger & Sons. They are a restaurant equipment distributor located in New York. There was a total site re-design done (which can be seen here)  and a proactive SEO campaign was launched. When you click the above image, you can see where Roger & Sons went from around the turn of the new calendar year 2013 to mid-October (around the time I was laid off). Roger & Sons went from obscurity to relevant rankings on Google in as little as 3-4 months.

The restaurant industry is super competitive. Roger & Sons was pitted up against some giants in the industry with a steep mountain to climb. Given all that was against us, I (along with my co-workers) were extremely pleased with the results that I was able to achieve. Numerous products & categories are on page 1 and page 2 of Google, and things that would have never seen the light of day are now within a few clicks on Google’s search.

Final Rankings as of October 15th, 2013

Page 1: 14 keywords (Two are ranked #1)
Page 2: 6 keywords
Page 3: 5 keywords
Page 4: 4 keywords

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