28 Oct 2013

What I Learned: SEO

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Before I was employed as a full-time SEO specialist, I knew a bit about SEO. I knew that you needed to have your page titles straight, your URLs tailored to keywords, the on-page content needed to be relevant, filled with keywords, internal linking, and that you needed to be concise. What I didn’t know was the true amount of work that needs to go into SEO in order for you to rank highly in a competitive business. The items that I listed in the sentences before this are the bare essentials that you need for your website to rank well. However, to be a “top dog” in an “dog eat dog” industry- there’s much, much more.

The two things that I feel are the most important aspects of SEO, after the bare essentials, are upgrading page authority & backlinking. These are the 2 catalysts that will bring your website from page 9, to page 1 with hard work. The shift in the SEO paradigm seems to be leaning towards authority on topics these days. So, you need to make your main page/website an authoritative figure on the internet for what it is that you are trying to sell or convey. How you do this? Well, you can ramp up your social media – you know, getting people to talk about you and share things, etc.  You can also do this by backlinking (which, is the other pillar needed to rank well in Google). Boy, that backlinking can be a real pain in the rump. I’m not going to get into the nuts and bolts behind that- but let’s just say that it’s very, very time consuming. In a nutshell, you need links that point to your website or web pages, that come from high-quality sources of information (not spam). This, along with the essentials and others not listed, are the main ingredients that cook up good rankings for your website in Google. SEO is a very deep, ever changing, and super important part to any website/business these days. It takes a long time, someone that’s dedicated to their craft, and a good sized budget in order to attain real good results.

Having worked as a 1-man operation for SEO for nearly a year, I realize that in order to really ensure that you can stay on page 1 or the top ranking in Google- it requires many man hours than a single person cannot give. That’s exactly why there are companies dedicated to SEO specifically. Someone like me? Instead of working on the site as a whole, I would probably be assigned a set of keywords (3-5) to work on alone. SEO is a big, big business and requires a lot of time and effort.

I am thankful for my time as an SEO specialist for my previous company and I know this will serve me well going forward.

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